My smelly summer ritual and the lessons learned from it

elaine | June 9, 2010

Every year it happens.  It is pretty much a given that at one point in the summer one or both of my Bernese Mountain Dogs will end up on the wrong end of a skunk.  
Last summer while on a leisurely evening walk my pack was hit by a roadside stink bomb. It started when [...]

Beware of the demon seed!

elaine | June 8, 2010

This year has been a good year for grass, it is growing great, but the recent warm temps will dry it out in no time.  This can be a problem for dogs owners. Many plants have seeds or awns that can become stuck in clothes and of course, fur.  Most of the time this is [...]

Could these be the answer to my mopping habit? Hummmm.

elaine | October 28, 2009

This is an interesting product. I have not tried it, but I want to. First use is of course muddy paws. This time of year I am mopping constantly and lately Gilda loves to run in and dry off on my couch. Not cool. Another great use I see for this is pre-show paw cleaning. [...]