Is Michael Vick really sorry? I’m not convinced….

elaine | September 29, 2009

Michael Vick has made an effort to tell people about how bad dog fighting is, but his most recent attempt didn’t convince me that he has any remorse for the animals.  In fact listening to Vick I am pretty sure his only concern is the damage he did to his football career.
Vick told a sparse crowd [...]

Woman allegedly stabs dog to death in bathtub.

elaine | September 29, 2009

This is from a West Palm Beach,  Florida  CBS television station.  Pretty much speaks for itself.  Crazy world…   
A local woman is accused of taking her dog’s life inside a bathtub.  The horrifying cruelty case, a shocker for animal-lovers who point out there were many nearby options available for this pet owner. 
911 Tape:
Caller: She went [...]

Danger for dogs lurking in the water?

elaine | September 28, 2009

An algae in waterways across the U.S. is being blamed for the deaths of dozens of dogs.  Many ponds, lakes, and creeks are full of  ugly, smelly and potentially deadly blue-green algae, that is made worse  by drought and fertilizer runoffs from farm fields that cause the algae to “bloom”.   While it may not be [...]

Should “Fido” also be getting a flu shot?

elaine | September 23, 2009

‘Tis the season….  You’re probably thinking about flu shots for yourself and your family right now, but don’t forget your four legged family member.
Just this summer the first canine influenza vaccine was given conditional approval by the USDA.  Canine Influenza has been found in 30 states including Colorado.  The highly contagious virus often just causes [...]

Murphy gets a second chance.

elaine | September 23, 2009

Today’s dog story is about a rescue dog that got a second chance and has never looked back.  Meet Murphy!  Murphy like many Border Collies was a little too much for his first owners handle, and he ended up as a stray.   Often times these dogs are chosen because they are so pretty and people know [...]

Famous artist donates talents to help unwanted pets.

elaine | September 22, 2009

We here at Colorado Dog Blog love rescue dogs and we aren’t alone.  Well known artist Shepard Fairey loves them too and now he is donating his talent to help homeless pets.  Fairey might be best known for his red, white, and blue “HOPE” print of Barack Obama.  Now he has produced a similar print [...]

Case could change the way courts see dog custody issues.

elaine | September 22, 2009

When a couple “splits the sheets”, what happens to the dog?   Well in most cases, the dog is considered property and a decision is made by a judge the same as though the couple were battling over a boat, but a case in New Jersey could change the way courts see dog “custody” issues.

Darling Dexter

This [...]

Truman takes over.

elaine | September 22, 2009

One thing about this blog… It is about our dogs!  So I am going to be posting stories about Colorado Dog Blog friends, and our first friend is Truman!  He could be one on the cutest little guys I have ever seen.  Truman owns a former colleague of mine, Jeremy Harlan and his lovely wife [...]

National Dog Week is here!

elaine | September 21, 2009

Dogs have been waiting for this week with bated breath!    Well probably not, but still this is a week especially for “Fido”.   Starting at midnight on September 22nd it will officially be “National Dog Week”. 
 I tried to research the history of this week and found a couple of conflicting stories.  One story from a Milwaukee newspaper [...]

Woman pays over a half million dollars for a dog!

elaine | September 16, 2009

Often purebred dogs can fetch several thousand dollars, but one woman just recently spent a stagering amount of cash on her new four-legged friend.
The  Chinese woman has reportedly paid nearly $600,000 for a Tibetan Mastiff, making it what many believe to be the world’s most expensive dog.
The 18-month old dog, named “Yangtze River Number Two,” [...]