Giving the working dogs their due on Labor Day

elaine | September 6, 2010

Labor Day is a time for rest and relaxation for many of us, a time we take a break from a hard day’s work, but it is not just people that work.  Dogs are increasingly joing the workforce, being trained in jobs that can not only make our lives better, but they can also save our [...]

Popular “Pooches in Pink” coming up.

elaine | September 4, 2010

I wish I could take part in this.  Unfortunately , this is the same weekend as the Bernese Regional Specialty in Greeley, but I would love for folks to take pics and send them to me!
SATURDAY, THE DAY BEFORE the Race for the Cure, on September 11th.
This walk is at 3:00 p.m. and goes around [...]

Fitting end to the dog days of summer!

elaine | September 4, 2010

The Fort Carson community will celebrate Labor Day with Doggie Day at the outdoor pool on post Monday beginning at 5 p.m.
Canines of all sizes, along with their two-legged friends, are invited to enjoy the last day of outdoor pool operations for this summer season.
A bathing area with shampoo will be provided for all dogs [...]

A favorite Dog Blog destination will close its doors

elaine | September 1, 2010

A dog favorite spot will soon be no more.  Buckskin Joe’s has reportedly been sold. 
Buckskin Joe’s was named as a Colorado Dog Blog  Destination Pooch!  because dogs were welcome. 
Well you and Fido have one more weekend to check it out, so load up and head the western theme town just west of Cañon City. 
Employees have [...]

Dancing dog so good it is hard to believe that it is real

elaine | September 1, 2010

I have to admit when I first saw this I questioned whether or not it was legitimate, but when I started checking up I found many Spanish TV shows featured this Golden Retriever named Carrie.
Carrie truly looks like she is having a great time, and yes she dances a lot better than I can!

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