Over the top headline? “Dogs chew off baby’s testicles”

Posted By elaine on April 8, 2010

This is one of the most disturbing story I have heard in awhile.   It is not the normal pro-pet fare that I traditionally put on my blog, but I think headlines like this threaten our pets.  Now I work in news, so my news side does like a story like this, but my pet side cringes.  The headline is true, but many of the reports included words like attack and I am not sure that is accurate.  Here is the story…

Two large dogs chewed off a 6-month-old’s testicles after his mother left the baby alone strapped in a baby carrier on the floor.

It happened Saturday in Murrieta, California where police there say the 22-year-old mother was at a friend’s apartment in Riverside County and had left the room.   The mother and friend then heard the child screaming.

   “The diaper was ripped off and the boy was bitten on the scrotum,” Sgt. Bob Landwehr said. “Once they heard the baby scream, they came to the child’s rescue.”
   Police and child protective services are investigating, but no charges have been filed The baby is hospitalized in unknown condition.  The owner of the dogs, a pitbull and a pitbull mix signed a release to allow them to be euthanized.

    Is this the dogs’ fault?   I have often heard of dogs eating diapers off kids.  I would think that most dogs might “pinch” a little skin in this situation, but not chew off body parts.  That said, I don’t think I would characterize this as an attack like many news outlets are doing.   Let me know how you feel.

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