A toast to wineries that help dogs!

Posted By elaine on April 12, 2010


  Dogs and wine, now how can you beat that combination?  I often enjoy a glass with my furry friends at my feet.  Now I tend to go for the Chardonnays and Rieslings because, well I like them better, but also when my dogs’ tails send a glass flying across the room clean up is a lot easier.   Well I apparently am not alone in my love for whines and wine, I have found that a lot of people love both.  In fact I have found some wineries that not only sell wine, they also send a lot of money to dog charities!

Cru Vin Dogs Winery has great wine and fabulous looking bottles.  The winery says “combining great wine, fine art, special dogs and worthy canine-related causes is what Cru Vin Dogs is all about.”  The company gives generously to two great causes: Canine Companions for Independence and Morris Animal Foundation’s Cure Canine Cancer Campaign.  

   Mutt Lynch Winery’s motto is “Bark less, wag more!”  This is a great motto to live by and wine and dogs will defintely helpShipper_websize achieve this in my opinion.  Mutt Lynch welcomes folks  “to a wonderful world where wine and “all things dog” combine into something truly special.”   Mutt Lynch has given thousands to dog charities around the county.  This year they have already promised at least 10-thousand dollars to dog charities.  There mascot is Patch, a retired racing Greyhound that spends his days roaming the winery.  I would also like to retire that way!

    Carivintas Winery gives wine drinkers a choice of several dog charities that a percentage of their SI_5WaxVDogBottlesWebpurchase will go.  The winery even has a “Dog Lovers Wine Club” in which you can sign up for a scheduled delivery of your favorite vintage and guarantee the dog charity of your choice will get a little love too!  This winery made national news when they created their “Vicktory” wines , a special two-case collection celebrating the 22 dogs who were rescued from Michael Vick’s dog-fighting operation and who now live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  10-percent of the money from those wines go to Best Friends. 

      Dog House Wines has the most adorable bottle art!pinot_grigio  Their “tail waggin’ good wines” also help a great cause.  “Because we love wine and man’s best friend, Dog House is a loyal friend to Guide Dogs for the Blind, a charitable organization that provides free guide dogs and training to the blind and visually impaired,” says their website. 

   There are many more wineries out there that help dogs I am sure, but these wineries I know  have stepped up and lent a paw to those in need while giving a tasty beverage to those who want to enjoy a little glass of wine. 


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