Help bring Babe home!

Posted By elaine on April 15, 2010


Babe and a member of Bravo Company, ready to come home!


I rarely solicit for causes, but this one is pretty cool and I hope you can help.

     A group of Fort Carson soldiers in Afghanistan have made a close friend, and they need our help bringing her home.


American food... Yum!

    “Babe” started hanging around some of our soldiers in Afghanistan.     Devon Warren is the wife of one of the soldiers who has been taking care of Babe and her and her husband have decided to adopt Babe and bring her home to Fort Carson to live with them and the rest of the Bravo Company.  Warren says it is the least they can do for a dog that has given the troops so much love.

   “Unless you have been to a war zone, you could not possibly imagine what being away from home, your family, your children, and everything you know as safe feels like,” said Warren.  “Babe has brought a sense of home to our guys. Babe sleeps with, eats with, and plays with our soldiers. She brings a smile to their faces that those of us back home are oh so grateful for. She gives them much needed relief from their current reality.”


Babe is packed and ready to go!


We can't leave Babe behind!

  While Warren was talking to her husband one night he told her that “he just could not leave her there”.  So Devon went into action trying to find out how you get a dog from a war zone from the other side of the world.  Turns out it isn’t easy and it is costly, too costly for a young military family to do on there own.  That is where we can help.  You see Babe is currently being held by a shelter group from the United States that helps in these situations.  They have worked out the dogs travel arrangements, but she has to get home before Bravo Company gets shipped back home this summer.  An anonymous donor as well as fellow Bravo Co wives, friends and family have been able to help us raise about half of the fees already, but they need more and you can help.    Warren has set up a website that you can donate through safely.  Any amount helps, I chipped in a little and I hope you do too!  If there is any left over it will go the shelter in Afghanistan to help other four-legged friends of our military make it back to the Great USA!

   Dogs don’t have the best life in Afghanistan so we need to help bring Babe home, after all, this dog is practically an American hero!

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