Dog lovers will give this artist “a hand”

Posted By elaine on April 27, 2010


handimal German Shorthair Pointer portrait

This is a collection of hand (literally) painted animals by  Italian artist, Guido Daniele.   

Daniele has worked for years using his talents as an illustrator for advertisers on canvas and buildings, but in 1990 he started painting bodies. His famous body painting techniques were used in many different situations such as advertising pictures and commercials, fashion events and exhibitions.


doghand2In 2000 he started painting handimals spending four hours or more on these works of art and then photographing them.  Recently they have become an internet sensation being “forwarded” to millions of online viewers around the world.


They are all pretty cool, but of course I am partial to the German Shorthair Pointer and the Dalmation.  Hopefully he does a Bernese Mountain Dog soon!

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