Many think dogs listen better than spouses… Hummm

Posted By elaine on April 28, 2010

listening dog2Here is something many dog owners probably already know; Dogs are great listeners!  In fact, according to a new poll, about one in 10 pet owners in the United States would confide in a pet,. 

The Associated poll  surveyed 1,112 pet owners nationwide and found that one-third of pet-owning married women and 18 percent of pet-owning married men said their pets are better listeners than their spouses.

The poll showed that people are more likely to unburden on dogs than cats. While 25 percent of dog owners said Fido listened better than a spouse, only 14 percent of cat owners said the same thing.listening dog1

“Pets are great because they provide us with unconditional support. They never talk back, never give us the wrong opinion and they are always there for us,” Karen Sueda, a Los Angeles veterinarian and pet psychologist, told the AP.   “As much as we love our spouses or significant others, sometimes they are not there, sometimes they have their own thoughts about how we should deal with situations. And sometimes, especially when it’s a husband or male significant other, they want to solve the problem rather than just listening to the problem,” she said.

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