A new way to carry poo without getting it on you.

Posted By elaine on May 4, 2010


A local company is working hard to keep our sidewalk, parks, and trails cleaner while making life a little easier for dog walkers. 

Check out the “Zippity-Poo-Da”!  This is actually a pretty ingenious invention.  I walk three big dogs and often times I am carrying 3 bags loaded with pup bombs and I have had a bag flung out my hands by a “Flexi” more than once.  If you have ever had this happen you know that it leaves you running for cover dodging a poo grenade.  Like picking it up once wasn’t enough, right?

  Well this little gadget could make this end.  The  Zippity-Poo-Da is an all-in-one dog walking waste that dispenses bags andzippity_products then carries it!  The pouch attaches to all existing
leashes (standard and retractable), dog collars, strollers, belt loops,
and backpacks.  Now I have never tried it, but it sounds pretty cool and the best part is that the company is right here in Colorado Springs and I always love to give local folks a paw up!  If you have tried this item let me know how it worked for you.

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