Babe is home!!!

Posted By elaine on May 18, 2010

Babe arrives at the Delta cargo area last week

Good news!  Our Afghanistan pup is stateside!  That’s right our beloved “Babe” has flown into the US and has met her new family.  This is the dog that we featured last month here on the Dog Blog.  Her story got a lot of response and many readers chipped in to help bring her home.  Her Bravo Company family still hasn’t made it back, but they should arrive sometime this summer.  Right now Babe is in another state, but she will be coming home to Fort Carson soon.  According to owner Devon, Babe handled the flight well and is easily adjusting to the

Babe enjoys a true American dog past time; Going for a ride!

American dog lifestyle.  We hear that she really enjoyed her first trip in the car!   We will be catching up to Babe and her new family in the coming months.  This has been a fun story and I am glad it worked out.  We will all breathe a big sigh of relief when her soldiers touch down safely here in Colorado Springs.  That is when we will truly be able to say this story has a happy ending.  I am proud of our dog community that helped make this happen.  It is the least we can do for our soldiers and the dog that helped them cope with life in a war zone.

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