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Posted By elaine on May 19, 2010

Today I read a little blurb about a dog food company that is creating a new dog nutrition bar that they are trying to patent.  The doggie nutrition bar isn’t a new concept, in fact they have been around for years, but what caught my eye are the other products that the company has been marketing for awhile; dog breakfast cereal.  All American Pet Company makes dog foods called “Grrr-nola Natural” and “Bow Wow Breakfast”.

Dog owners in the United States will spend an estimated $18.28 billion in 2010 on dog food alone according to the American Pet Products Association. So it makes good business sense to humanize dog products.  Make it sound healthy and it is even better. 

When it comes to marketing they know that if they product sounds yummy to us, we’ll buy it for our dog.  I myself am guilty of spending serious cash on dog food that is grain free with organic lamb, buffalo, venison, blueberries, cranberries and wild salmon all processed with purified water.  That’s right I said purified water.   Sounds great and I am sure it is, but truth be known my dogs really don’t care. 

This is apparent on our daily walks.  Just the other evening my dogs, Gilda and Snoopy started digging furiously in the ground and dug up a mole.  Before I could get the word “NO!!!” out they had killed the poor creature.  They were soon battling playfully to see who would get to eat this ground rat and I had to stick my hand down Gilda’s throat to pull out the now slimy “treat”.   

It has been more than once that my dogs have snarfed up something and when I make them hand over their find the horror has me ralphing up my lunch on the side of the road, and they would even eat that!  Some of the things we have found are a dead flat sun dried toad, a dead raven(that was super scary, FYI),a diaper, week old Big Mac, dead bunny, numerous deer and elk parts, and their personal favorite… cat poop.  Yep anyone who has a dog and a cat knows that dogs love kitty poo, or what I call “kitty squeezins” or “doggie Tootsie Rolls”.  After a little snack they come and pant in my face with the tell tale litter on their noses.  I am pretty sure they think that I will be very jealous of their treat.

Don’t get me wrong, my dogs love their chow and gobble it right up and I would never dream of giving them a lesser food quality wise, but the reality is they aren’t really concerned about the fact that the buffalo that is now kibble ate only organic grass and the blueberries and cranberries are superfoods that are great for their urinary tract or that it was processed with purified water. I am afraid those little details are more for my benefit….

 “That’ll be 59 dollars and 26 cents. We’ll this be debit or credit?”

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