Great Dane rescue hits the streets to educate Marmaduke fans

Posted By elaine on June 3, 2010

This weekend the movie Marmaduke hits theaters nationwide and while kids are looking forward to seeing a dancing talking dog, Great Dane fanciers are a little concerned.

Typically with dog “stars”, the popularity of breeds involved tend to spike.  This was seen during the Lassie heyday when there was a collie in almost every yard. More recently 101 Dalmatians and Beethoven have caused a slew of Dalmatians and Saint Bernards to end up in animal shelters and rescues.  Even little Freddie on the TV show Frasier boosted the popularity of the Jack Russell Terrier (also known as the Russell Parsons Terrier).

Finnegan, a real life "Marmaduke" , is a Great Dane Rescue success story after his first owners surrendered him to animal services.

While these well trained (and edited) behaviors on the big screen can make certain dogs look wonderful to live with, often the reality of dogs being, well dogs, ends with a disappointed family shipping off their bad behaving puppy to the pound.

Of course the best idea when getting a puppy is to get info straight from the dog owner’s mouth.  That is why this weekend the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue is going to be camped outside the Cinemark in Colorado Springs this Saturday.

Now this is not a protest.  The theater is welcoming the group and the group isn’t asking for a boycott of the movie.  They are just there to be available for questions for people who walk out of the movie thinking they want a Great Dane.  The group will have dogs on hand for people to meet and answers to some serious questions and a reality check for people that fall in love with Marmaduke.  Facts like Danes and most other big dogs only live 7 to 10 years, they are prone to a serious gastric issue called torsion, orthopedic problems, and various cancers, and of course they are expensive to keep.

The group is inviting Great Dane lovers that have dogs to join them and if you’re thinking about getting a Dane, they would love to visit whether you go to the movie or not.  

The Dane meet-up will be outside the Cinemark (3305 Cinema Point, just off Powers Blvd.) on Saturday June 5th 11 to 6 pm.

As for the movie.. I have not seen it, but I have read the reviews, and well, there aren’t good.  Whether critics like the flick or not, I am sure that kids will enjoy it thoroughly.  I also recommend the Marmaduke website!  They have a little section where you can create an animated videos with your dog talking.  A waste of time, but good for a laugh!

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