Man accused of throwing puppy off bridge into raging South Platte

Posted By elaine on June 7, 2010

Gary Carville is accused of throwing a puppy off a bridge into a river

A 10-month-old puppy is missing and a man is in jail after police say he tossed the pup into the South Platte River after a fight with his girlfriend.

Twenty-one-year-old Gary Carville is accused of throwing the  puppy named “Midnight” from a bridge into the South Platte on Thursday after fighting with his girlfriend about the puppy’s early morning barking.

The woman was not named. She told police that she saw Midnight “flip out” of Carville’s hands and then heard it splash in the river.  Carville says he let the puppy go alongside the river.  Midnight has not been found.

Carville is being held in the Weld County Jail facing charges of assault and cruelty to animals.

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