Keeping your cool on summer hikes

Posted By elaine on June 15, 2010

Keeping cool in the summer months can be difficult when you are covered in fur and sweat primarily through your tongue.  But there is a new product that some folks are telling is the answer to a hot summer day hike over-heating.Could this product be the answer to the summer heat? 

 I have had a few people email about the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler Vest.  They claim it works great, so I wandered over to the Ruff Wear Website and the reviews by customers on this product are overwhelming positive.   It sounds simple just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and fasten around your dog.  According to Ruff Wear the vest works like a swamp cooler ;

 “Evaporative cooling  exchanges the dog’s heat with the coolness of the stored water in the coat to keep him comfortable and ready to run that extra mile.  Auto-lock buckles on each side of the jacket provide easy on/off.”

Sounds like a great product for my big hairy black dogs.  It costs 50-bucks, so I would love to hear from more viewers that may have already bought this vest about how well this works.  I think I will also have to give it a try.

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