Dogs tied to a tree and left for dead in forest

Posted By elaine on June 16, 2010

Millie and Hines are happy to be free (AP photo)

Three dogs left for dead in the Santa Fe National Forest have been given a new chance thanks to the kindness of strangers and quick action among local animal-welfare advocates.

Some campers stumbled upon the dogs while out hiking with their own two dogs late last month, said Natalie Owings of Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary, who helped find the dogs a safe haven in Colorado.

The three dogs were apparently tied to a tree and left to slowly die. According to Owings, one dog broke free from his tether, but refused to leave, staying around his buddies in the isolated area.

“It’s very touching,” Owings said. “He just wouldn’t leave the other two. Unfortunately, they had no way to get to water.”

Hines(left) and Millie are still looking for a home

The campers freed the friendly dogs and brought them into town for veterinary.  Amazingly all three were in pretty good shape considering their ordeal, but the vet said that the dogs would not have survived being tied to the tree for more than two or three days.

 With Santa Fe area animal shelters at capacity, the dogs were taken to La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, Colo.   The shelter quickly dubbed the dogs Hines, Fergus and Millie and say the dogs have wonderful personalities!   Fergus has found a home, but Hines and Millie are still looking.

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