Honoring the working dog on labor day.

Posted By elaine on September 7, 2009

service dog 2     Labor Day is a time for rest and relaxation for many of us, a time we take a break from a hard day’s work, but it is not just people that work.  Dogs are increasingly joing the workforce, being trained in jobs that can not only make our lives better, but they can also save our lives.    police dog   

      Take the service dog.  These animals are on the job 24/7,   helping in many different ways from detecting seizures to helping blind people become independent.

   Almost everyday you can find K-9 police units on the mean streets.   These  four-legged officers out on the streets working with the local police and sheriff’s officers. 

     Therapy dogs can be found in hospitals and nursing homes on any given day giving people comfort and even helping people recover from illness and injuries.therapy dog

      Search and rescue dogs are often the difference between life and death when people are lost or caught in situations like avalanches and earthquakes…rescue dog

      Last but not least… the family dog who are there waiting for you at the door with a wagging tail after you come home from your labor filled day !  

  Here’s hoping you and your dog had a great 3-day weekend!

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