Dog is left for dead after someone slits her throat

Posted By elaine on June 28, 2010

Star still loves people despite her ordeal. (AP Photo)

According to a story by the Associated Press, A German Shepard-mix in Minnesota is lucky to be alive after someone slit her throat and left her for dead.

The dog , now called “Star”, was found after she wandered into a yard last week, suffering from serious injuries according to Ericka Stoltenberg, manager of the Otter Tail County Humane Society.

Stoltenberg was working at the office of an area veterinarian where the dog was brought after being discovered.

“Her throat was cut,” Stoltenberg said. “The vet believes the injuries were a week old.”

It appears that the dog, despite being injured, fended for itself in the wild for a week. The cut the dog sustained was very close to hitting major arteries and veins, Stoltenberg said.

“It’s miraculous that she survived,” she said.

Stoltenberg says Star’s injuries are the most extreme case of animal abuse she’s seen in her two years at the humane society.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Stoltenberg said. It’s amazing that the dog’s throat wasn’t completely cut, she said.

“And for it to survive that long without any kind of vet care is amazing,” she said.

Veterinarians cleaned up Star’s wounds, but the area that become infected, so the dog had to undergo surgery.

“She’s starting to heal, but its in her best interest to have surgery in order to close the wound and allow her to heal quicker,” Stoltenberg said. “We want to get her on the road to recovery as quick as possible.”

A foster home has been identified to care for Star after her surgery. She will be put up for adoption after her recovery.

“We wanted her to heal in a home environment,” Stoltenberg said.

Star will heal just fine with her new foster family and the humane society crew, Stoltenberg said.

“She is the most loving animal and just wants to be with people and the other dogs,” Stoltenberg said. “You’d think she’d be a little bit untrusting, but she’s entirely sweet.”

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