Dock Dogs a must see at the State Fair!

Posted By elaine on August 31, 2010

A Dutch Shepard proves that dogs can fly at the State Fair! (Colorado State Fair photo)

The Colorado State Fair in going on all week in Pueblo and this year there is a special treat for dog lovers.   Dock Dogs is holding a competition at the fair.   This is an event where water loving dogs sail into a pool.  The competition features dogs of all shapes and sizes.   I went this weekend and I can tell you it was the highlight of my fair visit.  Well that and the fry bread!  If you didn’t make it this weekend you can catch it again this weekend starting Thursday.

There are several different challenges for the dogs.  One judges just how far the dog flies into the pool, basically a long jump.  The other event times how long it takes the dog to get into the pool, grab a lure, and swim back.  Then there is the vertical test where dogs are judged in what looks like a slam dunk contest.

These events have packed the area around the pool with people wanting to check out these amazing dogs. 

 If you think your dog has what it takes you can bring him to the fair and give it a go.  But before you go there are some rules.  First, if do decide to take your dog, don’t plan on walking around the fair with Fido, dogs in the competition will be allowed in Gate 8 only, and are required to stay in the competition area.   

The Dock Dogs folks will have a limited amount of crates in the shade where you can keep your dog during competition and for brief absences by owners, but your dog needs to be crate trained.  If not you will have to keep your dog with you on a leash no longer than 4-feet in the area.  There also is an entry fee.  Check out the Dock Dogs website for other details and times.   

 If you do go take pictures and send it to us!  I would love to post some of our local talent!

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  1. Hey, Cool Blog all about the dog!

    Right on…It’s about time my wife and I get a new dog. We had to put Old Angus down about a year ago : ( He was such a good boy!!/photo.php?pid=132339&id=100000043504420&ref=fbx_album

    We’ll catch up with you soon!

    Mitchell Dillman
    Do you Follow us

  2. elaine says:

    Hi Mitchell.
    Thanks for checking us out. I am sorry that you lost your dog Angus. That is always so hard. You definitley need a new dog. Let us know when you find the perfect pooch and for sure send pics!

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