National Dog Week is here!

Posted By elaine on September 21, 2009

Dogs have been waiting for this week with bated breath!    Well probably not, but still this is a week especially for “Fido”.   Starting at midnight on September 22nd it will officially be “National Dog Week”. 

Dogs jump for joy over National Dog Week!

Dogs jump for joy over National Dog Week!

 I tried to research the history of this week and found a couple of conflicting stories.  One story from a Milwaukee newspaper in 1937 announced that Wisconsin would be celebrating a “dog week” and I also found a New York Times article from 1951 stating that it would be the 8th annual “National Dog Week”.  So, I really don’t know why or when it started, but at least know that it is a decades old tradition.   In honor of this you may want to give your dog just a little extra love on “his” week. 

For the record it is also National Farm and Ranch Safety Week, so keep your hands out of the combine.   It is National Singles Week and that may mean a good two for one deal at the local tavern.  National Tolkien Week and if you knew that one it might explain why you are once again celebrating the aforementioned Singles Week.   National Clean Hands Week hits at a

 good time with the flu issues,  and National Be Kind to Writers and Editors Week which is my favorite with the exception of Dog Week, of course.  Believe it or not, there are many more national something or another weeks going on right now and today you can also celebrate National Women Road Warrior Day, and tomorrow it’s Elephant Awareness Day so give that special elephant in your life a pat on the trunk!

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