Woman in massive dog cruelty case only gets probation

Posted By elaine on October 18, 2010

Diane Walker will get two years probation in a plea deal

Picture taken by Park County Sheriff's Office they day dogs were confiscated.

A Florissant woman who was charged will 28 counts of animal cruelty, including felonies, made a plea agreement in court that some might think is, well, pretty easy.

Diane Walker will only serve two years probation on one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty.  The District Attorney dropped all other 27 charges as part of the bargain.

Another dog that was photographed by Park County S.O.

Diane and her husband Samuel were arrested after animal control officers confiscated around 100 starving and neglected dogs from the Walker’s Pawsatrack Sled Dog Kennel in Hartsel last December. 8 dogs were found dead.

Samuel Walker still faces 28 animal cruelty charges in the case.  His trial is scheduled to start in January, but he has two hearings before that where he could also be offered a plea deal.  His next hearing is in November in Park County.

Samuel Walker still faces 28 counts.

The surviving sled dogs were taken to various humane societies in Colorado, most have since found new homes.

The 11th Judicial District Attorney is Thom Le Doux  who can be reached at (719) 269-0170.  The Park County’s Deputy District Attorney that offered the deal is Katie O’Brien.  Her office number is (719) 836-2080.

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