Now down to serious business… picking the perfect puppy!

Posted By elaine on November 3, 2010

Sen. Bennet delivers his victory speech in Denver Wednesday. (Denver Post)

Well it looks as though Michael Bennet will remain as our Senator. It was definitely a nail biter with the race going back and forth with Bennet who finally came out on top, unofficially anyway.

A couple of "locals" made the finals to be a White House pooch.

Now the real campaigning begins, at least for the Bennet girls. You see the family has been looking for a family dog, but they needed to wait until the election was over. Well it is over, and all of Bennet’s little girls were at the podium during his acceptance speech and reminded their dad that he promised them a puppy, while the littlest clutched a little stuffed husky toy.

"First Dog", Bo was a controversial choice (AP Photo)

"Bo" a purebred Portuguese Water Dog, was a controversial choice for the Obamas. (AP Photo)

The search for a dog can actually be controversial. The Obama’s search brought out all kinds of dog people suggesting that their “breed” would be the perfect choice. There was also talk of the “politically correct” decision to adopt a shelter dog.  There was even a couple of Goldendoodles that were rescued from a puppy mill that were at the local National Mill Dog Rescue that were in “the running” for the next White House dog.

When the Obama’s made their decision to get a Portuguese Water Dog given to them by Teddy Kennedy it was considered an upset to the many organizations that rescue dogs. It also became a concern for “Portie” owners that feared there would be a spike in popularity leading to puppy mill type breeding of their beloved breed.

I am not sure if the Bennet pooch will get that kind of publicity, but I am curious to find out what kind of dog they choose. I myself think they should get a Bernese Mountain Dog!

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