What a difference a few letters make

Posted By elaine on January 18, 2011

imagesCAHV3AMUI would like to add a note about the Soldier story. 

Several times we mention a business by the name of Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers. This was a dog training business in Colorado Springs that was involved in a controversy that aired on a local television station.   

The owner, Scott Martin, was also caught with fake diplomas and is currently involved in a Felony Identity Theft case in El Paso County.

The business itself failed three inspections with the Colorado Department of Agriculture causing them to not be a licensed facility and is apparently no longer in business.  

Sadly the name Rocky Mountain Dog Trainers is very close to Rocky Mountain Dog Training.

The latter is a very well respected dog training facility in Broomfield.  With all the bad press from the one business it has caused a small backlash against a business that has apparently been nothing but on the up and up and has nothing to do with the now seemingly defunct Colorado Springs business.

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