Love American Style; Afghanistan dog now living the good life!

Posted By elaine on January 25, 2011


It didn't take Babe long to find out where the handouts come from

Last May we told you the story of a group of Fort Carson soldiers stationed in Afghanistan that had been “adopted” by a little blonde dog named Babe. The soldiers wanted to get her home and they couldn’t arrange that themselves, but one soldier’s wife decided that she would arrange to ship the dog and her family would adopt Babe. Many of our readers chipped into to help pay for the nearly 3-thousand dollars it cost to ship the dog.


Belly rubs... Dog paradise.

When Babe arrived stateside we got to see her first few hours with her new family. Today, more than six-months after Babe arrived in her new home, we check in again to see how she is adjusting to her American life.


Babe loves her new children


Babe enjoying a well earned nap on the bed

Well we are happy to report that Babe is loving life and can you blame her? This time last year she was a struggling stray in one of the most forbidding places on Earth. Today she is living it up with the Warrens.  

“She is doing great,” says Babe’s owner Devon Warren. “She has already traveled cross country half a dozen times with us on family road trips back to Ohio to visit my parents.”

Congratulations to Babe on her great new life.  Wouldn’t it be great if all my stories ended happily ever after.

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