Firefighter saves dogs in Colorado Springs fire

Posted By elaine on January 24, 2011


This afternoon a near tragedy turned into a heroic story when a local firefighters pulled some little dogs out of a burning house to safety. One little dog even needed “snout to mouth” resuscitation after he was found unconcious and struggling to breathe.

Fire crews were called to a home on Chamberlin South in El Paso County, on the south end of Colorado Springs.

The homeowner,Susan Hackathorn said she accidentally left a candle burning when she left her house. When she walked in around one she was greeted with a wall of smoke and fire. Five dogs live in the house, and one darted out right away when the homeowner got home, but two others were consumed by smoke while another dog was hiding out.

Luckily firefighters with the Stratmoor Hills Fire Department arrived on the scene in time to save the day.

“Some fire companies carry some canine and feline resuscitation kits. We don’t have them here at Stratmoor,” said Brian Lynch, Assistant Chief of the Stratmoor Hills Fire Department. “It was just the ingenuity of the firefighter one scene to be able to do that. To think quickly and say, I am going to try and save this pet’s life.”


Firefighters respond fire in Stratmoor Hills on Monday afternoon

The firefighter that saved the dog was Darren Pellett who says that he own two dogs and that he felt great that he was able to save a dog from a fire.

“I mean dogs… I love ‘em! I’m glad I could bring one back,” Pellett said.

Pellett says when he found the little 13 year old 3-pound Chihuahua named KeKe, he was in bad condition, but after they did CPR he was coming around.

Two of the five dogs, including were hospitalized, but the veterinarian in charge of their care says she believes they will both be fine.

 The damage to the inside of the home was extensive and the home is not livable.

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