Firefighter to be recognized for saving Chihuahua in fire

Posted By elaine on February 3, 2011

Kiki is alive after firefighter saves her.

Kiki is alive after firefighter saves her.

The  firefighter who used mouth-to-snout resuscitation to revive a little dog last month will be recognized tonight by Dreampower Animal Rescue.

 No people were in the home when the fire broke out on January 24th near Colorado Springs.   Three dogs were saved from a house fire in the 19-hundred block of Chamberlin South. 

One dog, a Chihuahua named Kiki was near death and firefighter Darren Pellett used CPR to bring her back to life.   The department doesn’t have any animal rescue equipment like oxygen masks, so Pellett had to think quick and improvise.  Now the rescue group wants to thank Pellett and the other Stratmoor Hills firefighters who helped save the dogs. 

Invisible Fence will also be on hand to supply the Stratmoor Hills Fire Department with pet oxygen masks.   The ceremony will take place at the Stratmoor Fire Station at 6:45pm.

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