Couldn’t make it to Westminster? Check out the same dogs in Denver

Posted By elaine on February 17, 2011


Sheepdogs in the line at Westminster(photo/WKC)

pueblo dog show '09 014

A little girl plays with a Westie ringside

Dog shows have been in the news a lot lately with Westminster happening in New York this week.

Well if you would like to check out one live and in person, here is your chance.  Starting today and running through Monday the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog show will be going on at the National Western Complex in Denver.

While this show is quite as prestigious as Westminster it is the largest show in the region and most of the top name dogs that were in the Big Apple will be strutting their stuff right here in Colorado. 


Rally is rapidly becoming a favorite sport for dog fanciers(photo/AKC)


Agility is fun for both dogs and spectators (photo/AKC)

This AKC sanctioned event brings thousands of dogs from around the country.  They also have lots of vendors with everything you can imagine for the dog or dog lover.  There are also plenty of dog events like agility, obedience, and the newest rage in competition, rally obedience.  They will also have demonstrations on flyball and earthdog training and a Meet the Breeds area where you can get all the information on your favorite breeds.

Some tips if you go.   Always ask before petting a dog.  This is always a good rule of thumb, but at shows it is not only a safety issue, many breeds require a lot of grooming before going into the ring so you don’t want to mess up a perfect coif.! 

pueblo dog show '09 115

A Sheltie is groomed to perfection before entering the show ring

If you want to talk to folks make sure they are done showing.   There is more time for exhibitors to chat after showing is done.  Many competitors are calm before and after going into the ring, but some are tense or focused on the task at hand.  Unfortunately anywhere you go there will be rude people, but for the most part dog show people are down to earth and friendly and love nothing more than to talk dog!

dogs 191

The Berner ring is always gets a crowd in Denver

Please leave you dogs home.  I know, I know, you’d think that a dog show would be the perfect place to take the dog on an outing, but they aren’t allowed.  It isn’t because show people don’t want their “blue bloods” messing with the common dog, in fact most show dog people love dogs no matter what they are.  The reason is that dog shows get packed with people and pooches and this can be very stressful and in some cases dangerous for dogs that aren’t used to that kind of activity.  At many shows there is barely enough room for the dogs that are entered.  This is especially true at the Denver show.

Bring you camera, you will want to take pictures of all the unusual dogs and as always we love to see them.  Just send them to

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