Dog fight ends in gunfire in Colorado Springs neighborhood

Posted By elaine on March 3, 2011

An evening walk in the northeast part of Colorado Springs last night ended with gunfire and a dead dog.

Colorado Springs Police say a man told them he was walking his Greyhound on El Camino Avenue around 5:30 last night when it was attacked by another very large leashed dog that broke away from its owner .

The owner of the Greyhound was armed and he fatally shot the dog attacking his dog.

The man had a concealed weapon permit, police said.

Police said even though the gun was fired twice, neighbors were never in danger because the shots were fired at close range.

¬†The Humane Society was called out to conduct an investigation, but police said as of right now, the man isn’t facing any charges.

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2 Responses to “Dog fight ends in gunfire in Colorado Springs neighborhood”

  1. Bonnie Olson says:

    Ranchers have always done this with their cattle…if a dog is chasing livestock that dog has a good chance of leaving this earth…But frightening to think of this happening within the city between dogs…if someone shot my dog…OMG!

  2. Anne says:

    It is unlikely that there is a cruelty issue here. If it took two shots to bring this dog down and stop the aggression it is likely that it was a very serious situation. Many will judge this man harshly but I don’t see anything constructive in judging the actions of a man who may have used the only force effective to protect his dog and possibly himself from death or serious injury.

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