Another dog shot and killed in Colorado Springs

Posted By elaine on March 9, 2011

Dog is covered by a blanket.

Dog is covered by a blanket after being shot and killed.


Police question a man that shot a dog in his yard this afternoon.

For the second time in two weeks, a dog has been shot and killed in the City of Colorado Springs. This time around though; the shooting might not be legal. 

Police say a man called police  around 1pm after he shot a Pitbull with a .44 caliber handgun point blank in his yard in the 41-hundred block Tennyson Ave.  The man told police that the two dogs were often loose and that he was tired of them being in his yard.  At at no time did the dogs appear  to be aggressive.   The other dog was not injured. 


Flato was shot and killed last week after he attacked a Greyhound. His owner is now facing dangerous dog charges.

The man was arrested and he faces felony animal cruelty charges while the owner of the dogs faces animal at large citations.

Last week a man walking a Greyhound shot a Bullmastiff mix in the northeast part of Colorado Springs after he broke free from his owner and attacked the Greyhound.  That man does not face any charges because police and investigators with the Humane Society say that he had a resonable reason to believe that his dog was in serious danger, he had a permit to carry the weapon, and he fired it in a safe manner. 

The woman who owned the Bullmastiff was charged with owning a dangerous dog.

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10 Responses to “Another dog shot and killed in Colorado Springs”

  1. EmilyS says:

    Is that dog in the photo supposed to be a bullmastiff??? It sure looks like a LAB mix to me. But of course everyone knows Labs never pose a danger, whereas if it’s a bullmastiff you’re perfectly justified in shooting it. (eyes rolling)

  2. elaine says:

    The owner said it was a Bullmastiff. I also think it looks like perhaps a mastiff/lab mix, but I really couldn’t argue with the dog’s owner.

  3. Sandy says:

    That dog in the picture is a lab mix. I see no Bull mastiff in it. I am sorry but I am tired of these idiots running around with guns killing other peoples pets. Yes, if the lady couldn’t handle her dog she shouldn’t be walking him and no dogs should not be running around free but he should not of shot this dog. He could of called the police, had it picked up OR since he knew the dogs, talk to the owner! I hope the Felony animal abuse charge sticks and I hope the owner sues the crap out of him. The dog laying under that blanket looks awful small to be a Pit Bull as he said it was. This man thought he could get away with it because the one last week did. I can not believe he told the police the dog was NOT aggressive he was just tired of it being in his yard. What a was of that poor pets life and waste of a human mind!

  4. elaine says:

    Just to clarify; In the first case the Greyhound was injured and had to have staples in his neck and witnesses saw him attempting to kick off the Bullmastiff mix before shooting it. The dog wieghed in at 108 pounds, so it was large. The woman who owned the first dog claimed it was not a serious attack and that she could have stopped it if given a chance.
    In the second case the man claimed the loose dog regularly wandered the neighborhood even going into his house and garage, but did say the were not aggressive. He did apparently walk up to the dog and shoot it at close range which I doubt he’d of done if the dogs were mean. I could not see the “pitbull” because they kept the body covered, but police did say it was a Pitbull type dog. I will have more information tomorrow and I will post it.

  5. Laurna says:


    Just curious if you own a dog??? Would you really have us believe that you would allow an aggressive dog to chew on your passive Greyhound (never met an aggressive one) while you waited for the police to eventually show up???? Kicking/striking an attacking dog is liable to get the focus turned on you. Guess then you can wait until the police shows up while the dog chews on you.

  6. Jen says:

    This is horrible, and it makes me wonder if this guy got the idea from the first incident. I think that incident might could have been handled differently as well, there are more ways than kicking to break up a dog fight, although I know the chance of getting bit is high. I suppose if I truly thought either of my dogs’ lives were in danger and had a gun on me, I would shoot the other dog too. I’m not really a gun person, but wouldn’t it have been possible to shoot the dog non-lethally and see if that caused it to lose its’ grip? I know the mastiff’s owner should have been more careful walking a dog that large, but as a not very large woman with two large shepherds, I know it can be challenging if caught off guard. Bad situation for all involved.

  7. Rick says:

    Hey Sandy, I carry a gun just in case a Poodle attacks me and my Pit Bull (my eyes roll too dumb ass).

  8. Rick says:

    Oh the eyes rolling was for Emily, wow.

  9. Sandy says:

    This reply is for Laura

    This is what I posted on this link about my feelings on all of this.

    And because of this shooting another man thought he could get away with shooting a non aggressive dog that he did not want in his yard the following week in Colorado Springs. I have strong feeling about both of these shooting and am tired of the lack of education that these people have concerning their own pets. Because of things like this many species are getting a bad rap for aggressive behavior when all it took in the beginning was common sense. Yes everyone loves to walk their pets but if you do not know what you are doing or can not control your pet then you shouldn’t be walking around with them. Period. This poor dog lost his life because you were lacking in ownership ability. The other man who thought well if that guy can shoot a dog so can I is facing Felony animal abuse charges for shooting to death a NON AGGRESSIVE Pit Bull type that visited his yard almost everyday with his buddy which was not shot. All this man had to do was talk to the owners about their dogs because NO they shouldn’t of been running around loose but this families pet should NOT of been shot to death either. Its all a catch 22 and could I have shot that dog if he attacked mine. No, because I wouldn’t be carrying a gun or walking my dogs to begin with. I am a responsible dog owner and my dogs are indoor family pets who are happy to play in their yard and comfortable in their own home so why give the chance for something bad to happen when they are perfectly fine not going on walks.

  10. Sandy says:

    By the way I own 4 dogs, Laura. A Pit Bull mix, A dingo mix, A coyote Mix and a Jack Russell mix and all were adopted from rescues. I am educated with dogs.

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