Wall-E update; Could the puppy be getting too much attention?

Posted By elaine on March 17, 2011

walleeA stray dog we told you about last week that who survived an attempt to put him to sleep at an Oklahoma animal shelter has become a canine celebrity, but that might not be all good.

Thousands seeking to adopt the now famous Wall-E after his unusual story made national news causing growing concerns about his safety as his fan base increases.

Wall-E was among several dogs abandoned by the Sulphur Animal Shelter less than a month ago. A shelter worker tried to euthanize the puppy due to overcrowding, but he somehow survived.

The puppy’s story circulated around the world and he was even flown to New York City to appear on “Good Morning America.”  Now 3,000 people have expressed interest in adopting him and $1,200 has been donated for his care.  It sounds like a good thing, but fear the puppy could end up in the wrong hands has his caretakers worried.

Veterinarian technician Amanda Kloski, who works at Arbuckle Veterinarian Clinic, has been surprised by some of the phone calls and e-mails the clinic has received. She said one man traveled from Arkansas to the clinic in Sulphur, about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City, offering to take Wall-E off her hands and breed him.

“It’s been crazy,” Kloski said Wednesday.

Since that incident, Wall-E has been going home with a designated individual each night, rather than staying at the clinic. Also, plans are to have Wall-E neutered before he is sent to a new home.

Kloski began caring for Wall-E when he was found alive in a trash bin a day after he was injected twice —once in the foreleg and once in the heart — with a lethal dose of a sedative.

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  1. Mary says:

    Maybe someone who works at the clinic or a friend or relative of one of the workers should adopt him. That way they know who has him and that it is a reliable person. It would be sad for the little guy to make it through that tragedy only to be given to the wrong person.

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