Lucky dog survives nearly a month in burned out home

Posted By elaine on March 23, 2011


Photo: AP

A Boston woman thought her beloved dog died when her home burned, but when she came back to the home nearly a month later she got a big surprise.

EMT and college student Terisa Acevedo wasn’t at home on February 23rd in her duplex when a electrical short circuit started a two-alarm fire, but her 1-year-old long-haired dachshund, Lola, was; The two-family home was destroyed and Lola was missing.

“The police had sniffing dogs come and go through the house,” Acevedo told The Boston Globe. “There were no signs of her at all.”

Acevedo papered the neighborhood with fliers and contacted animal shelters, but heard no news, good or bad, until Monday night, nearly a month after the fire.

“Yesterday, late evening, my neighbors were complaining about the truck alarm going off,” she told the Globe. Acevedo has been living with family since the fire, and drove with friends back to her now-condemned home.

 ”I stood on the porch just to look at my house and say, ‘I can’t believe I lost everything,’ just so sad about it, and I just heard something scratching at the door and it was Lola, so we tore down the door,” she said.

 Once substantial, Lola was skinny after spending 27 days in an ash-filled hovel, but she sustained no visible injuries and was happy to see Acevedo.

 ”Her tail was wagging. She jumped on me,” Acevedo told the Boston Herald. “I was crying, and I just didn’t want to let go.”

 A veterinarian examined Lola and said she was several pounds too light, but says they will work on getting her back to perfect health.

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