Woman allegedly stabs dog to death in bathtub.

Posted By elaine on September 29, 2009

This is from a West Palm Beach,  Florida  CBS television station.  Pretty much speaks for itself.  Crazy world…   

A local woman is accused of taking her dog’s life inside a bathtub.  The horrifying cruelty case, a shocker for animal-lovers who point out there were many nearby options available for this pet owner. 

911 Tape:

Caller: She went in the bathroom and murdered a dog.

Operator: She went in the bathroom and what?

Caller: Murdered a dog with a butcher knife.

This is the chilling Sunday night 911 call.  Deputies say 23-year-old Cassandra Lauderdale killed her pit bull inside her Salerno Road home.  According to reports people living nearby could hear the dog’s yelps during the attack…then it got quiet.  Cassandra is charged with animal cruelty.  She could be fined up to ten thousand dollars.  So why did she do it?  Cassandra’s mom had a hunch when she called 911.


911 Tape:

Operator: Why?

Caller: I don’t know, she was drinking.

Operator: She did it with a butcher knife?

Caller: Yes.

Now the family is rallying around Cassandra.  An arrest affidavit never mentions a motive, but her family says it was her life or the dog’s. Cassandra’s cousin said (she was), “Giving it a shampoo bath and the dog bit her.”

Whether it was self defense or not the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast says that this woman had options at their facility.  It was  only 15 minutes away from her home.  “We actually have a drop box out front, sometimes people don’t feel like they can come in,” said Frank Valente.   They also have free classes before it gets to that point.  The family calls Cassandra an animal lover, a stark contrast to the picture painted by an arrest affidavit.  She told deputies she had the right to kill the dog and it was no one’s business.

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