April Stools Day this Saturday!

Posted By elaine on April 13, 2011


Volunteers cleaning up at a previous "April Stools Day." (Photo: Friends of Bear Creek Dog Park)

This Saturday will be a big day at the Bear Creek Dog Park!  It is time for the annual “April Stools Day”.

This event combines a spring clean up of left behind dog poop with prizes for finding a “Golden Stool” while searching for real poop to clean up. There will be about 9 or 10 golden stools along with prizes for each so come early.  The stool search begins at 8:30 sharp and lasts until noon or the last golden stool is found.


Special "dog park" merchandise will be for sale and proceeds go to the park.

There will also be new dog park items to buy that will help with improvements to the park.  New items include shirts, hats, and bandanas for the dogs.   Must haves for all dog park users! 


New Bumpersticker will help fund the art project

There will also be a kick off for a campaign to fund a proposed dog statue and doggie memorial area. Special dog park bumper stickers will be sold to help fund this future project.  

 Organizers are not only hoping that people come out to help clean up the park they are also needed volunteers to help man the merchandise and donation booth that will be open on Saturday and Sunday. 

For more information call Ron Buchanan at (719) 520-5098 or email him at  bairndog@comcast.net

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