Deputy shoots and kills 4-H Dog Obedience Champion

Posted By elaine on April 14, 2011


Petey won two obedience championships before she was shot after charging a Sheriffs Deputy.(Photo:Seonie Pantin)

A family in eastern Colorado is upset after a sheriff deputy shot and killed their dog.

It happened last week in the small town of Wiley a few miles northwest of Lamar. Seonie Paintin says that her two dogs, a Border Collie and a Great Dane, got out of their fenced yard when the wind blew open the gate. Someone called Pantin’s son to tell him their dogs were out and he rushed home to put them back; but he was too late. By the time he got home the Border Collie had been shot by a Prowers County Sheriff’s Deputy in front of the Pantin’s home.

“We were called to the town of Wiley by a town official,” said Prowers County Sheriff Jim Faull. “They don’t have any law enforcement officers there, so our deputy was dispatched there on a report that a couple of vicious dogs were running loose there.”

Faull says when the deputy arrived on scene she called back to the sheriff’s office because she thought the dog looked “a bit aggressive”.

“Our deputy was on the phone with the Undersheriff when the dog suddenly charged her with fangs,” Faull added. “She had no choice but to draw and shoot.”

The Pantins however paint a much different picture of the 10-year old Border Collie named “Petey”.  Petey was 15-year old Kelsey Pantin’s beloved pet; spending nights in bed curled up together and days working as a team as part of a 4-H project.

“She filled out the roll of mans best friend well,” said Pantin. “We won Grand Champion in dog obedience two years in a row and also went to State(Fair) showing.”


Petey was the best friend and 4-H project of 15-year old Kelsey Pantin. (Photo: Seonie Pantin)

Kelsey’s Mom, Seonie Pantin says that her daughter is not taking the death of her dog well; saying that she has been crying almost every night.  ”I’m mad,” said Pantin. “It hurts when your kid hurts like that.”

Pantin also said she is angry because the Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t answer her questions about why they had to kill the dog.

“They knew they were coming on a loose dog call; why didn’t they have pepper spray or a catch pole? ” Pantin said. “The next day the deputy came and gave us a citation for Unlawful Ownership of a Dangerous Dog and I asked her why she shot the dog and she said “because she growled at me.”

The Great Dane was not injured and is back home with the Pantins.

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