Little dog gets new leash on life at local vet clinic

Posted By elaine on April 28, 2011

untitledMeet Ruby, a 6 week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. Ruby was brought into a local Colorado Springs veterinarian last week after a big dog attacked her at her home. The larger dog broke Ruby’s jaw; badly. Ruby needed specialty care at Animal Dental Care where Dr. Tony Woodward specializes in situations just like this, but the extent of her jaw injuries even suprized him.ruby2

“Ruby’s entire lower jaw was dropping straight down after it was fractured,” said Dr. Woodward. “Her chin pointed at the ground and she could not close her mouth!”

The repairs and extended care however were too much for the owners and they decided to give the puppy to the clinic, who rather than euthanizing the puppy, decided to fix her.

ruby4“She tried to lick me even when her jaw fractures were gaping open,” Woodward said. “I knew then that we had to take care of her and find her a home.”

They wired and sutured both mandibles back together and for a puppy this was tough. Except to eat and drink, Ruby has to wear the soft muzzle for support until the fractures heal. Even though she has a good prognosis, the little dog has a very long road to being completely healed. In fact she may have many dental problems due to the severity of the fractures and their proximity to the developing teeth.ruby3

Since coming to the clinic Ruby has become the unofficial mascot bouncing around and playing with staff. The good news is her jaw is healing nicely and she is even starting to gain some weight; 3 pounds just this week. She even has a new home, but will have to remain at the clinic for awhile due to all the medical care she will need. If you would like to keep track of Ruby’s progress go to the clinics Facebook page!

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