Man charged in puppy stabbing

Posted By elaine on June 30, 2011

DENVER – Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey formally charged a man accused of stabbing a puppy, causing serious injuries.

Matthew D. Weatherspoon, 19, allegedly stabbed a puppy several times in the head and face on June 27 and then put the dog outside. The puppy was found by a passerby who called police. Weatherspoon was arrested without incident.

Weatherspoon defended himself in an interview with KUSA-TV on Wednesday night. He says he knifed the American Bulldog puppy in the face in self defense.

The puppy, Diamond, is recovering at the VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital where she is still in intensive care after surgery.

Weatherspoon doesn’t deny he nearly cut the dog’s face off with a knife. Through a videophone at the Denver Jail, he claimed the dog attacked him and cornered him in his apartment.

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  1. marahrawe says:

    He is a sick individual. The puppy might be scared of people now. how will this animal trust a person no matter how kind or how patient? This man should be stabbed in the face many times with a knife.

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