Dogs attack police officers in Denver suburb

Posted By elaine on August 2, 2011

EDGEWATER- Two officers were injured Monday afternoon after they were called to a home where dogs were attacking a postal carrier.

It happened in the Denver suburb of Edgewater. Police say the officers responded to the call after the postal carrier called 9-1-1 stating he was being attacked by large dogs. The carrier claimed the dogs broke through a screen door and began chasing him.

When officers arrived, they say two teenage girls were attempting to control a Rottweiler and a Pit Bull. As the officers got out of their vehicle and approached the girls and the dogs, the officers say the Rottweiler got out of its collar and ran, full speed, towards one of the officers, attacking him.

After the first officer was able to get away from the Rottweiler, police say the second officer was pinned against his patrol car by the dog.   That officer pulled out his weapon and shot the dog.

The Pit Bull ran back into the home after the officer shot the Rottweiler and was taken from the home before they had a chance to impound it.

Edgewater Police also say they impounded the Pit Bull in May after being called to the same house twice in one day for chasing and trying to bite the same postal carrier. The same owners also were warned for their problem dogs in 2010. Investigators say they will follow up with the owner and attempt to impound the Pit Bull again.

The officers both had to be treated for bite wounds.

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