Lucky pup lives to chew again

Posted By elaine on September 29, 2011

xrayA pit bull pup in Alabama is now a canine medical miracle. “Blue” somehow managed to swallow an entire garden flagpole. His x-ray shows the full extent of how deeply the pole penetrated Blue’s body.

The veterinarian staff was able to remove the hook from the dog’s stomach and get the pole out without damaging any other parts of his body. The vets still aren’t sure how he ingested the entire pole.

“I’ve never seen a dog swallow something so large and definitely never seen a dog survive something like this,” said Caroline Rehm, with Rehm Animal Clinic.

Blue is now on antibiotics and resting comfortably.

“Once we get him healed up, he’s good to go. He’s already eating again, and matter of fact, I bet he’s ready to swallow something else,” said Dr. Chris Rehm.

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