Dog elected as the leader of Occupy Denver

Posted By elaine on November 9, 2011

denoccOccupy Denver wanted to remain leaderless, but the city has asked that they appoint one so that officials know who to go to when they need assistance, information, etc.

“At the DNC riot, we were able to locate a few of the leaders and talk to them directly, but for Occupy Denver we can’t go around and talk to everyone in the park directly,” Matthew Murray, public information officer for the Denver Police Department, said in a Westward post.

So the group complied and elected Shelby.. the dog.

Part of the reasoning behind the selection was explained on the group’s YouTube page:

Shelby is the first elected leader of any occupy movement. We elected her on November 5th because she is more of a person than a corporation is and less corrupt than most people. She is the youngest, first, and only dog leader of this revolution.”

“She’s the youngest leader of a revolution in history and the first of any occupation so far, but she’s smart, so people know she won’t make any situations,” said Peter John Jentsch, the dog’s owner, told Westward. “We just have to make sure she doesn’t get arrested.”

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