Underwater Dogs makes a big splash

Posted By elaine on February 16, 2012

underwater2I am sure that you have gotten one of these photos within the last week on your phone or Facebook page.

Wide-eyed, wild looking dogs looking more like sharks that beloved household pets while diving into water.


Seth Casteel/littlefriendsphoto.com

They are the work of pet photographer Seth Casteel and he has captured dozens of these images. Casteel’s work has been well known in pet circles for years, but the “Underwater Dogs” project has become viral, getting hundreds of thousands of views, at times shutting down his website.

Casteel says that the photos are a labor of love for him and his four-legged subjects.


Seth Casteel/littlefriendsphoto.com

“Many dogs LOVE the water and within that group, quite a few will actually go under the water on some level,” Casteel told MSNBC. “All of the dogs featured in my photographs voluntarily went into the water and under the water, and they all had fun along the way. It also should be noted that I had fun along the way”, he added.

Casteel says he plans on putting out a calendar and a book with the underwater photos including many that no one has seen.

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