Two dogs allegedly attack puppy at dog park

Posted By elaine on June 6, 2012


Picture of damage done to puppy in dog park attack(FB Photo:Kari Haugh)

A leisurely afternoon walk at the dog park turned chaotic after a dog attack left a Weimaraner puppy bleeding and needing a veterinarian.

It started around 2:30 yesterday when a Kari Haugh and Shari Sherman were out walking their dogs at the Bear Creek Dog Park on the west side of Colorado Springs. That’s when they say a pair of dogs they describe as “pit bull type” attacked Haugh’s 4-month old puppy.  The dogs were pulled off the puppy, but not before the pup was badly injured.

“When the pits saw our dogs it was all the guy could do to hold them back. Unfortunately the pup did nothing and was grabbed by the nose by one of the pits. It locked its jaw with at least 2 inches of the pups nose in its mouth. As we all tried to get it off the other pit had his ear, ” Shari Sherman wrote on the Bear Creek Dog Park Facebook page.  “It was horrific, the pup was screaming, we were screaming and beating the dogs. I tried a loud whistle, a can full of coins and nothing worked. Finally, the guy was on the ground wrapped around the dogs and told us to pull the pup from there grip. Somehow he got freed,” Sherman added.  (Editor’s note.  No dogs have “locking jaws”, but rather a strong jaw and apparently these had a “tight grip”. )

Shortly after the attack Haugh said the owner of the two dogs left in a hurry, but not before she snapped a picture of him and his dogs.

Picture of dogs involved in alleged attack(FB Photo:Kari Haugh)

Picture of dogs involved in alleged attack(FB Photo:Kari Haugh)

“This is the person who’s dogs attacked mine,” Haugh said on a Dog Creek Dog Park Facebook post.  “He left the scene as soon as his dogs released their jaws from my dog.  He didn’t leave in a car, just ran away fast. If you see this person please call the police… Don’t approach him, he is very unfriendly, Just make the call…The PD and Humane Society are looking for him….any help finding him would be GREATLY appreciated!”

Sadly attacks like these aren’t unusual and involve many different breeds according to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.  With the popularity of the dog parks growing, more and more people and their pets are coming to join the fun, but not all dogs are ready for the dog park environment.   ” You should always bring a dog that is voice commanded and well socialized to the dog park,” says Erica Meyer with HSPPR. “You also need to make sure they’ve had all their vaccinations, they are licensed and that they are wearing their ID collar.”

If you do have a situation in which you or you dog is attacked call the police right away.

Haugh says the puppy was in surgery over four hours and he is now at home recovering.  The dogs that reportedly attacked the pup were on leashes which aren’t required in the dog park.  There will be more on this story on Channel 5 tonight at 10pm.

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8 Responses to “Two dogs allegedly attack puppy at dog park”

  1. Daphne says:

    Have seern these two wtih the dogs in the car numerous times in Pueblo, mor at n. wm than other stores though

  2. Vicki Gramm says:

    Glad the pup is home and resting. And kudos for getting a picture of the dogs. Horrible for mentioning “locking jaws”, which is an untruth. And bravo to the HSPPR for saying all breeds can attack. Question: did I read correctly that the dogs were leashed? How’d they get to the puppy, or did he approach them? Just curious. Hope the guy is found.

  3. Carolyn says:

    How bout leashes or not..u don’t take dog aggressive dogs to the dog park where there are unleashed dogs playing..they’re bound to come up to your dogs..there’s no place at the dog park for dog aggressive dogs..I have one and take him where dogs are supposed to be leashed..I’d beaver take him to a dog park..and I wouldn’t take my nice dogs either because I hear to many of these stories. Its sad..poor puppy

  4. Responsible Dog Owner says:

    Very dissapointed in the breed profiling in this story. Just because the person claimed it was a “pit” looking breed does not mean the story should continue calling the attacking dogs a “pit”. There are many dogs that look like the breed. But to continue on the “pit” assumption is not fair. A dog attack is a dog attack regardless of the breed. As soon as someone mentions a breed, the story will take a different direction then focusing on the issue! Responsible dog owners will not have these issues no matter the breed. So please lets help people be more responsible with their dogs and STOP BREED PROFILING!

  5. Sara Smith says:

    Vicki, “locking jaws” is different than having one’s jaw locked. “It locked it’s jaw” is meant to be a description, not a technical/physical term.

  6. docs says:

    i am so sick of every attack being blamed on a pitbull type.why not learn what breed it is before you blame the pitbull for everything.i hope the puppy is ok.also the person is complaining about the dog’s attacking the puppy but did the puppy owner try to stop it ?Also why do people not bother to learn that no dog locks it jaws it can have a strong jaw pressure but no locking jaws.

  7. Paulo Ricardo da Luz Gonçalves says:

    I love dogs&cats, unfortunate happened, massacred the boxers here in Brazil several pit bull attacks on children in parks, created tougher laws to curb such things, fine and imprisonment for pit bull owners and Dobermans, which use muzzles on these races, and in some states is prohibited pit bull, Doberman queue. are still fighting pit bulls. is environmental crime and severe penalties for those irresponsible owners! (usei tradutor)desculpe alguns possiveis erros!!

  8. Kari Livanec-Haugh says:

    and yes, of course I tried to stop it….My dog did NOT instigate it, he was merely walking in the same area when the attack occurred. Myself and my friend were the only ones trying to seperate them. The owner did nothing but try to pull the leash back when he could have done so much more.

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