How to get revenge on your four-legged criminal

Posted By elaine on August 23, 2012

dog shamingHas your dog done something terrible… so terrible you want to out him or her?    Well apparently you are not alone.

“Dog shaming ” is the latest craze to hit the Internet on a site in which canines are forced to confess their sins while looking guilty.

One of the many hysterical "shaming" examples.

There are two rules when it comes to “shaming” your dog. First, post a picture of your dog looking remorseful with a handwritten confession to some shameful behavior, whether it be biting the mailman or eating something they shouldn’t.    Then go to this “dog shaming” website and post it for the world to see.dogshaming3

Even if you don’t have a dog you will literally laugh out loud while reading these “confessions”.  It’s unclear how dog shaming got started, but the photos are a hit.

My dogs are so going to get “shamed” this weekend after sneaking into the kitty litter box.. That’ll teach ‘em.

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