Pit Bull advocates plan large gathering in Colorado Springs

Posted By elaine on October 26, 2012

pitbulladvocates.Many people love them and many people fear them, but a local group says that if the folks that fear Pit Bulls got to know the dogs, they would change their mind about the controversial “bully” breeds, so they are having a rally.

pitbull2Tomorrow is Pit Bull Awareness Day, and Pit Bull owners and other advocates of the breed will be gathering for a walks around the country to raise awareness of the breed and breed specific legislation (BSL) that could prevent them from owning the dogs they love.

A group called Southern Colorado Pit Bull Advocates is hostingĀ  an event in honor of the day at Monument Valley Park, and say that hundreds are planning to attend. The day was created in hopes of changing the negative stereotypes that plague the breed and lead to communities creating laws that make certain breeds illegal to own. Many people have joined a Facebook group to show support of the event.

The local group says that anyone can attend and all well behaved, friendly dogs are welcome to attend no matter what the breed, or even if they don’t have a dog. They are encouraging people to carry signs promoting positive Pit Bull images and dog costumes.

Sign in is at 1pm and the walk starts at 1:30pm at the Monument Valley Park South.


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One Response to “Pit Bull advocates plan large gathering in Colorado Springs”

  1. Bruce Johnson says:

    I got to know a Pit Bull. It enjoyed a chunk of my leg large enough to require plastic surgery. It’s buddy would have also enjoyed a part of me had the neighbor not beat it repeatedly.

    Wake up people, the idiots who raise the dogs that cause these problems will never be at your rally. They’re thugs, they want dogs that will be ripped to shreds, and they could care less who gets hurt or what might happen if the dogs get out of their trashy, poorly kept yards.

    If you’re really serious about making Pit Bulls acceptable, then start raising money to bolster humane enforcement. Treat incidents — any incidents, by any breeds — harshly the first time…hit owners in the wallet, promptly and severely. Have response that shows up in minutes, not hours (like my case, HSPPA didn’t show up until after I was at the hospital) Make these dirtbags that own the bad dogs think twice about becoming an owner again.

    Only then will this problem subside.

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