Puppy refuses to leave dead mother

Posted By elaine on November 13, 2012

puppymom_phixrA picture of a little puppy sitting by a corpse is becoming an web sensation.  Photos taken by a Reuters photographer appeared on the NBC News websites showing a sad pup by the remains of a dog who local residents say is its mother.

puppymom1_phixrThey told the photographer that the mother was killed in an area burned in violence at East Pikesake ward in Kyaukphyu, Myanmar. The exact circumstances of the dog’s death are unknown, but the pictures tell a story all by themselves.

Update: Many readers wondered about the fate of the puppy. NBC contacted Reuters and they informed us that after the pictures were taken the puppy was taken to a nearby monastery.

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2 Responses to “Puppy refuses to leave dead mother”

  1. CELESTIA says:

    It has been PROVEN time and time again that animals are THINKING, FEELING, and yes RESONING BEINGS. There are many stories where animals refused to leave a dead master, mate, or a person in need. These stories include animals rescuing humans, as well as, other other animals. Horses saving drowning foals, horse and dogs saving humans from attack, dogs saving other animals and humans in need. The list and the stories go on and on. If it is true that humans are not the only species to think, reason, and feel…and in fact sience has poven it is true, then WHY would any human choose to treat animals in the manner that they do today?

  2. Verna Gattone says:

    When my mother cat died, her baby wouldn’t leave her either. Finally i just had to remove the body.

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