Dogs in Danger follow up.

Posted By elaine on October 29, 2009

Several weeks ago I told you about a couple of dogs that were close to the end if they didn’t find homes.  I’ve got good news and bad news.  First I will start with the happy story. 

Kahos, left and Shiloh have two  very different endings.

Kahos, left and Shiloh have two very different endings.

  Shiloh has been adopted.  The shy sweet Shepard mix that was found as a stray was adopted and loves her new life in a happy home with a family that loves her.  Way to go Shiloh!  I hope you never have to go with out food and shelter ever again.  Now for the bad news; the lovable Kahos that was turned in by her family because they could no longer afford her wasn’t so lucky.  Kahos was never adopted, and unfortunately was euthanized.  “There are so many homeless unwanted pets that it is very sad to work in animal rescue during these difficult economic times,” said Doris Noard, a board member at Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association in Trinidad, a group that runs the shelter where Kahos and Shiloh were housed. “Some folks tie up the dogs outside the shelter at night. Others move out of town and leave animals in the house or apartment. Some will be tied up outside a vacant home with no one to feed or water them. Noah’s Ark is very full, and when Trinidad Animal Control brings in more animals, there is no where for them to go,” says Noard.  “During the month of September, Noah’s Ark had more animals brought in than in the past:  40 dogs surrendered plus 40 stray dogs brought in.  18 cats surrendered plus 17 stray cats brought in.   That is 115 animals coming in, plus shelter cages already full ofanimals.  We can’t find homes for all of them.”

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