Finding “Fido”; Making sure your pet’s info is up to date.

Posted By elaine on November 5, 2009

A purebred boxer was found wandering the streets and is now up for adoption at an animal shelter in Charleston, SC.   Shelter Operations Supervisor Staycee Dains knows he has an owner. With one scan she found an ID microchip implanted between his shoulder blades.   “They gave us a name and an address that’s outdated,” Dain says.

This Boxer may not get back home due to an outdated microchip.

This Boxer may not get back home due to an outdated microchip.

Dain says they have a poodle in a similar situation.   ”He has a microchip too,” she says.  “But it was never registered.  Most of the time, the microchips do not have updated information on their owners.”   The shelter says it’s a problem they encounter in 80 percent of all microchipped pets picked up as strays.   “There have been cases where we had to euthanize dogs that had been microchipped but have no information.That’s a very sad situation,” says Dains.

  A study published in the journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association found after checking hundreds of microchipped animals, 40 percent of them were not registered in any database.   Animal control officers say microchips do work…If the information is accurate owners are reunited with their beloved pets 100 percent of the time.  Most microchips companies  have a website where chip information can easily be changed.  I myself back up my chip with a collar and tags, that way if the chip was not properly installed and migrates away from the shoulders, you still have tags.  Tags of course can be pulled off, so I think it is important to have both.  Here is another tip;  if you move a lot and/or are hard to get a hold of, you might think about putting a relative’s information on the chip.  For example if you are in college, you might think about putting Mom and Dad’s phone on there.  Of course let the “stable” friend or relative know that their name is on there so when someone calls they don’t reply with a ” I don’t own a dog.”

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