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Posted By elaine on November 9, 2009

"Salem" gets a workout while enjoying the therapeutic water.

"Salem" gets a workout while enjoying the therapeutic water.

Many times when we get injured it is hard to get back into shape.  This is especially true for our four-legged friends, but there are new technologies to help get them back to their target weight.  Unfortunately doing this through a vet clinic can add up very quickly.  That is why Mike Hasty opened up a new facility to help get your dog back up and running; literally! 

Cannonball!  Client "Suri" enjoys a jump into the pool.

Cannonball! Client "Suri" enjoys a jump into the pool.

“Paws & Tails Canine Hydrotherapy” is located in Black Forest, not too far out of Colorado Springs, and their goal is to improve the quality of dogs young and old with water.  That’s right, they have a therapeutic saltwater pool designed to soothe aching muscles, help with surgical recovery, arthritis, and a host of other health issues.  The 70-degree water relaxes your dog while they get exercise, and they say any dog will benefit from a therapeutic swim.

We use hot tubs to better increase blood circulation in and around the muscles, so why wouldn’t it work for your dog?  If your dog is in pain, Canine Hydrotherapy may just be the answer.  This is especially good for dogs who participate in sports like agility, hunting, coursing, or dogs that are in service or police work.

Mike Hasty and Coni Fischer built the fully enclosed facility last year and they say the pool is equipped with a ramp, so even the most timid dogs get the chance to be introduced to the joys of hydrotherapy. Once the therapy is complete, a convenient shower helps clean your dog. Your pet is always watched while in the pool, and all pets wear life jackets while swimming.   It is like a spa for your dog!  Mike and Coni recommend consulting your veterinarian about any rehabilitation programs you are considering for your pet, but if you have some issues you can feel free to call them and talk about therapies they offer. 

 I think my dogs will love this and I hope to visit the facility soon!  If you want to check it out go to  They usually do therapy work, but they also host canine pool parties! 

See you poolside!

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