The perfect gift for dogs this holiday season?

Posted By elaine on November 11, 2009

You’ve seen them advertised on TV… The “Snuggie” !  They are all the rage, or at least that is what the commercials tell me.  Yes these plush robes seem to be a “must have” to sit and watch TV or read a book.  To me they look like you raided a monk’s closet, but people seem to love them, so it was only a matter of time before they made “Snuggies” for dogs.    Yes the “Snuggie Dog” is available in 2 colors and 4 sizes, so you and your dog can sit on the couch in matching “Snuggies”!  But that’s not all! You get two “Snuggie Dogs” for the price of one AND  a tag that you can record information onto.. All this for only $14.95!  Now this is something that my dogs would tear off one another and eat, not to mention they are panting when it is 30 degrees so I don’t think that an additional coat would be appreciated, but some dogs might just love them.  Either way you have to watch the video because it is pretty funny.  My favorite part is when they brutilize a little dog while they “try” to get a conventional sweater on it.  Then the frustrated woman just gives up.

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