H1N1 cases now confirmed in dogs

Posted By elaine on December 2, 2009

swine fluSome dogs now have confirmed H1N1.   The two dogs were diagnosed by the China Agricultural University at the end of November.  We knew it would happen, after all, swine flu has been found in many mammals including cats, ferrets, pigs, and of course, people.  I posted a story about this when it first crossed over into a cat in October, and vets warned then that dogs would probably soon show up with the virus.   

The virus was found when the University tested samples from more than 50 sick dogs and  two of them tested positive for the  H1N1 virus found in humans, which means most likely the dogs caught the virus from their human companions.  These are the first confirmed cases of H1N1 in dogs, and none to date have been reported in the US.    As of now there is no vaccine so the best way to protect your dog is to be careful if you are sick or if you are around others that are showing flu symptoms.  Wash your hands before handling your pet or thier food, don’t kiss them on the face or let them kiss you, make sure they aren’t getting into the used tissues, and you may even re-think letting them sleep in your bed.  If your pet does get sick take them to your veterinarian.  There are lots of viruses that your dog could have including Canine influenza which can turn deadly, so better safe than sorry.

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