Missing pooch on the west side is a rescued puppy mill dog

Posted By elaine on December 22, 2009

Have you seen this dog?

Have you seen this dog?



Have you seen this dog?  He is missing and folks at the Mill Dog Rescue need help finding him.  “Wyatt” is a 3-year old Cocker Spaniel recently rescued for a Missouri puppy mill. While being cared for in a loving foster home, he escaped and has been running at large in the Uintah/Mesa Ave. area on the west side of Colorado Springs. “Wyatt” is extremely fearful and does not know to go to human beings for help. If spotted, his foster family says please approach him gently as he will most likely run, but he likes to eat so you might use food to encourage him. There are many people very afraid for “Wyatt,” so please contact them at (719)495-7679 if you spot him.

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