Lost pup finds a home and lots of love

Posted By elaine on January 14, 2010

A dog we told you was lost a few weeks ago has not only been found, he has also found a permanent home.
"Wyatt" now has a home.

"Wyatt's" life has been an adventure, but now it looks like he has a permanent home.

     3-year old “Wyatt” was rescued from a puppy mill by the National Mill Dog Rescue and was living in a foster home.  “Wyatt” could not be adopted right away because a lack of socialization made him shy and fearful and the rescue group felt he needed work before he could be placed in a permanent home. 

     One day the little Cocker Spaniel darted out of the house and ran off into the foothills west of Colorado Springs and a group of volunteers set out on a search.  The temperatures were very cold and the folks at the rescue group became increasingly worried about “Wyatt”.  They knew the dog would not go to humans for help and that would run if approached.   

     Luckily the “Foster Dad” was in the right place at the right time and spotted “Wyatt”.   The pup instantly recognized his new friend, and after a couple of days in the “wild”, the dog was very happy to see a familiar face.  “Wyatt” ran up to him and at that moment “Foster Dad” knew that he was now just “Dad”.  Theresa Strader, founder of the National Mill Dog Rescue said that when she walked up and saw the tears in “Wyatt’s” owners eyes she knew that he had found his permanent home. 

     Good luck to “Wyatt” and his new family.  I is nice to have a place you can call home and have people and pets that love you.  If your dog is lost; Let us know and we will put out an alert and hopefully the ending will be as nice as it was for “Wyatt”.

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